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From 2018 Angel tree on homepage under slider:


Stop by our 2018 Angel Tree to brighten the holidays for members of the SC boys & Girls Club, Senior Center and RIO ADHCC. We currently have 60 unclaimed gifts on our trees!Please visit one of our Angel tree locations before 12/14: Community Center on Del Mar or the Aquatics Center in Vista Hermosa Sports Park to select an ornament from our tree or shop online via our amazon wish list for a one click shop: We will be updating the amazon wish list every day as items get fulfilled! Learn more here.

President's Message- Katie 2018

I have had the privilege of serving this club, as a board member, for the last three years and have been inspired by its amazingly committed, passionate and dedicated leaders. I couldn’t be more excited to jump in and lead this group of talented, imaginative and caring women on our mission to make a difference in San Clemente. We have a great foundation in place and will stretch our imaginations to make it the best year yet.


Our Club’s slogan is, “Strength united is stronger.” It’s a message that rings true, we are more effective as a group than alone. My theme for the year is “We take action, big and small.” The purpose of this club is to make a positive effect on this community we hold so dear and we do that by planning large events, like our Annual Gala in April whose proceeds go directly to Philanthropy. But we also make a big difference with all the smaller actions we take all year long like, the drives and projects we organize and the thousands of hours we volunteer. I have three goals for the year and could use input, ideas and outreach from our community to achieve them;


Energize the club: The SCJWC is a relatively small club with 24 members, but we have the ability to make an incredible impact in San Clemente. We’re going to find the needs in the community and design projects to fulfill them. Are you vested in any causes? Let us know!


Be Proactive: Being “proactive” is what distinguishes a Junior. We’re not the type of people who sit around and wait for others come to the rescue. We don’t complain about shortcomings or problems we see. Once we have identify the need, we rally the troops! We utilize our resources, come up with an action plan and make a solution happen.


Increase Community Awareness: The Junior Woman’s club has served our community for 70 years, that is a remarkable achievement worth celebrating. Join us for our celebration at our annual gala. You can help the club by spread the word, tell your friends, families and neighbors, about the club and the meaningful work we do. Like and share events on social media.


With a theme of taking action and clear goals to get us there, we’re planning a fantastic year. We have new members with fresh ideas and we have a close knit group of members who are dedicated to the federation of women’s clubs. We are honored and excited to serve San Clemente.



Katie Stewart, President

Angel tree

Each year, the SCJWC hosts a series of Angel Trees throughout the community of San Clemente. Our two main trees can be found at the Community Center on Del Mar and at the Aquatics Center in Vista Hermosa Sports Park now through 12/14/18. Partnering with local school and scout groups to create the ornaments, the SCJWC takes these handmade ornaments and ids them with personalized gift tags to provide holiday gifts to underprivileged children, seniors and special needs adults in the community. 

These individualized gifts are then collected and distributed to local organizations in need. This year, we are sponsoring individualized gifts that benefit the Boys & Girls Club, Family Assistance Ministries, RIO ADHCC, and San Clemente Seniors. 

As a community we are able to contribute over 200 gifts each year. Help contribute this year by supporting us in on of the following ways:


1.) Stop by our 2018 Angel Tree at either the community center on Del Mar (tree is inside next to the main office) or the Aquatic Center in Vista Hermosa Sports Park (park across from target) 


2.) Shop online via our amazon wish list for a one click shop: Purchase from our list or select your own! Option to drop off at one of our trees or ship to our Angel Tree Coordinator Candice Middleton in checkout.


3.) Donate online via our virtual tree via paypal! We will post a running list of gifts purchased from paypal donations on this page.

We asked for your help and the community of San Clemente delivered!

In December of 2017, SCJWC was able to raise over $1000 dollars in less than three days to ensure members of the Boys and Girls Club of San Clemente, RIO San Clemente Leo Fessenden Adult Day Health Care Center, and San Clemente Senior Center did not have to go home empty handed for the holidays. Thanks to the incredible donations of many, 10 year old Gio is now playing with his new soccer ball, a San Clemente senior is able to buy this month’s groceries, and Tonya an adult with disabilities is enjoying listening to her brand new Portable radio w/headphones. The community's contributions ensured that the over 70 gifts that went unreturned in 2017 were fulfilled and received on time.

From all of us Juniors, we are so thankful and inspired by the incredible generosity from our wonderful community of friends, neighbors, and caring citizens. Together the San Clemente community helped turn a bad situation into one of hope and thankfulness and for that, we are truly grateful.  So in the words of Maya Angelou, thank you for being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Through the donations specifically collected by PayPal we were able to purchase gifts for the following:

Boys and Girls Club of San Clemente

  • Girly Accessories; purse; barbies for Freyja B (10) F

  • Anything w/Unicorns, books to read and drawing materials for Kaylee M (10) F

  • Loves to draw! Anything with Stitch from Disney for Liberty M (10) F

  • Soccer Ball/Soccer jersey for Gio M (10) M

  • Reading Books, gift card to book store for Christian M (11) M

  • Skecth Book, Naruto Books for Gerson M (12) M

  • Nerf gun/legos for Sage H (11) M

  • Squishy Toy for Jillian M (7) F

  • Squishy toy for Arie A (9) M

  • Legos for Jayden C (6) M

  • Legos, transformers for Jakob F (5) M

  • Boardgame, disney princess or pink dress size 6-7 for Abigal K (5) F

  • Spiderman lego set for Samson K (7) M

  • Minecraft tshirts boys size 10, slime for William K (9) M

  • Legos, mincraft for Julian A (8) M

  • Legos for Christopher C (7) M

  • Mermaid Tail for Sophia G (7) F

  • Dogman Books, 2nd in series in spanish for Otis L (7) M

  • Camera (purple) for Stefani E (9) F

  • Game for Xbox360 WWE for Saulo G (8) F

  • Game for Xbox1 for Jasusha N (8) M

  • Mini Drone or Nerf gun for Kellen D (8) M

  • Nerf Gun   for Aiden C (11) M


RIO San Clemente Leo Fessenden Adult Day Health Care Center

  • Size 8 Petite elastic waist pants Pink or orange for Barbara B

  • Men's Silver Plated Watch for Robert B

  • Portable radio w/headphones for Tonda B

  • Movies with Horses for Kenia

  • Woman's Large Lightweight zip up hoody RED or White(30 yr old) for Christy

  • Radio or CD player w/ headphones for Ricardo

  • Ring Size 5 1/2 July Birthstone Red for Stephanie

  • Men's slacks size 33x32 grey for Bob F

  • Men's XXL T shirts dark colors for Jon F

  • Men's Nike Athletic Shoes with orange size 11 for Blane

  • XL  Men's Black Zippered Sweater  / Yankee Cap for Joel

  • Size Adult Medium Bronco T-shirt (Siemian if possible) for Betsy

  • CD Player w/headphones for Paul

  • Moana Disney DVD for Kelsey

  • Woman's Velcro Athletic Shoes Size 7 (Black with accent color) for Shannon


And the following much needed items for San Clemente Seniors:

  • Large sweatshirt

  • X Large sweater

  • Medium sweater

  • Grocery gift card

  • Medium bathrobe and slippers

  • Trader Joes gift card

  • Large sweater

  • X Large sweatshirt

  • X Large sweater

  • Medium sweater

  • Throw blanket

  • large, short slacks, turtlenecks

  • Ralphs Card

  • Albertsons Card

  • grocery or gas gift card

  • grocery gift certificate

  • grocery/gas certificate

  • medium size & height blouse, pants, light jacket

  • gas or grocery certificate

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